Do you want chooks and a chicken house? Read on

Keeping chooks is an Aussie tradition. Anyone in the country is likely to have their own chickens and their own chicken house.

Keeping chickens is a delight for so many reasons. You will get stacks of nutritious and appetising free range eggs, if you want you will also get chicken meat free from antibiotics, and you’ll have the perfect mobile pest collectors to range around your garden eating all those nasty garden bugs.

Not only that but they’ll fertilise the garden for you as well.

But if you’re looking to buy some chooks there are some things you need to think about before you do. The first of these is housing your chickens. You need to decide on the type of chicken house that you will provide for them.

One of the obvious questions that must be answered first is exactly how many chickens you will have. This is important for you to know so that you can determine the size of the chicken coop that you will need.

Here at Chicken Houses Australia we hope to provide you with sufficient information for you to make some decisions about how to build or buy a chook house suitable for your needs.

Read some more about site, we’ll be updating it regularly, to find out more about how to house your chickens.

Of course you have 2 options when it comes to getting a chook house. You can buy one or you can build one.

Chicken house
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You may be surprised to find that if you plan to build one it can sometimes be more expensive to do so than to buy one. That’s certainly likely if you’re planning to build it from new materials. You’d be surprised at the price of wire, timber and tin roofing.

Of course if you have access to second-hand materials then it is possible to build a chicken house much more cheaply, however you may well be limited in what you can build according to the dimensions of the materials available.

There is now a wide range of excellent chicken coops available online at very reasonable prices that will suit most householders who plan to have a modest flock of chooks. If you’re planning to have dozens then building your own may be the best option.

Some innovative people are now designing and building some wonderful chicken coops. We have featured some of these right here on this site direct from eBay, the place where we consider you will get the best deals on buying a house for your chooks.

Many of the chicken coops available both in the pet shops and online are sold brand-new on the eBay at much cheaper prices.

So do a little more research about your requirements, find yourself a great chicken house on eBay and get started cooking with some of those beautiful fresh laid free range eggs.

And here’s a good video for the handyman (or woman!) about building a chicken house.